When I came to this continent, Blizzard was my first friend.

Trust me, I have cried with it and laughed with it.

The name is quite deceiving, but no matter what you call the dessert, it can never go wrong.

You can trust it till your last bite.

Unlike humans, some people are deserved to be called losers but I dont know why people still call them something else.

Presenting this chocolate covered strawberry flavored piece of heaven from the country where dairy is queen!



Neapolitan Candy Bar

Self realizations are amusing to me. Especially the ones that make me understand the relation between the technicality of life to the philosophy of society.

Everybody says that life is full of ups and downs. Being an engineer, for me, life is a sine wave. Highly predictable, and I can make any other wave out of it, cosine, tangent or secant.

Around noon, while working on my dissertation, I understood the distribution, the distribution of life. And like most of the data, my life’s data follows a gaussian distribution. And every stage of my life has the curve on which I climbed up and sloped down    

Mar 22, 2015

Just like the Neapolitan candy bar! I start from the strawberry side because it is the flavor I don’t like, just like the flavor of starting college, work, or any project. It is slow and tedious just like the

start of a mountain trek. The high is vanilla, neutral, peace making and generous. The slow down is chocolate, because it proclaims the happiness of an achieved goal. It shows the finish line.

So, I am just on the 25 percentile of the curve. I still have my vanilla and chocolate to come. 

Egg Muffin

I sat by the window, staring at the snow so white,

When will the light come, when will the sun shine so bright?

The clouds laugh at me again, says not by a long sight,

The wind will change its course again, only when he might.

I was never frightened of the changes, not until it happened to me. It is not the change that scares me, its the stage between the two changes. Like, you know something drastic is going to happen and you are not even over your current phase.

So, it all started when 2 years back I came to a different continent in thirst of knowledge. And today, when I am literally 2 inches away from my milestone I feel lost. I am lost in my own thoughts of why I came here and what am I doing. I am in those in-between phases where one side is the college, student, test assignment phase and other side lies moving out, job, work and career phase. Will I go to the city I like? Will i get what i desire? Will I be good?

How I wish I could see the future!

Mar 3, 2015

Exactly what I thought when i took a bite of this egg muffin at a nearby restaurant.

It was so much wrong use of egg I cant explain! Disaster would taste like that I thought!

Is it because the muffin was really so bad? Or is it the change of savoring egg as a dessert?


“Every girl has a best friend, boyfriend and true love. She is really lucky if they’re all the same person.”

Don’t fall for these words like I did. All three in one is a recipe of total disaster.

I learnt this after a few years of going through the trauma of love.

Love was never about taking for me. It was always about being happy and giving my 100 percent. Happiness from bunking lectures for movies to enjoying sophisticated Japanese dinner. The ice-cream cones, message tones and late night phones, everything about him brought a smile.

The best part was growing up together. There were phases when I wanted to be philosophical and he would say, cool, all done? lets go eat. I accepted the title of over-thinker, I still believe that I am one. And I also believed in those three words followed at the end of conversations, added wherever needed, said whenever there is loss of words.

But do we agree on everything? No way. We fight like crazy for every little thing, like kids, from menu to birthday gifts. And those fights used to end up in another fight and silly jokes and rolls of laughter.

I don’t know when it turned the other way. The laughter became joke, one fight and another.

Feb 17, 2015

And now I stare at these chocolates. All different, not all my favorite but still chocolates. Not all the time we will agree, not all moments are going to be my favorite but still they are mine. And I am not going to lose him. Because if I lose him, I lose my best friend, boyfriend and true love.

Red Velvet Cupcake

Half full > Half empty

I read this equation on a glass of aerated drink and think how can something little known be greater than nothing known?

I am half learned, but the world accepts me to be full experienced.

For example: Job posting for recent graduate, requires blah blah blah and 3 to 4 years of experience.

I am sure half full is not enough here.

It is one of those situation when I end up saying, the world is a greedy place to live in.

When the glass is empty, it wants more and more to make it half full.

When a professional seeks employment, it wants more and more of experience.

Feb 9, 2015But then I looked at this tray of red velvet cupcakes. All lined up, neat and tidy.

I ate one and another and another. I wanted more and more of it too.

Because I am my world. And I am greedy.

I, now, understand that if I want to take more I should give more too.

And yes, from this moment, I agree, Half full is really greater than half empty.


So today at a party, I was unexpectedly served this dessert.

Jalebi, an Indian sweet, an amazingly awesome batter made of something and something fried and drenched in liquid sugar.

How do you react when you are unbelievably surprised?

My reaction is poor than the poorest and it is due to lack of practice.

Although few, surprises are like Jalebi to me. They require immense precision and patience to get the perfection. But the fewer the better or otherwise?

Jan 31, 2015

Like I say, making jalebi is an art. To carve those perfect twists and turns and still keep it bonded together, is what sets it apart. I want to be a great artist. Surprises or no surprises. Drenched in sugar.


A little more.

Let me take one more bite and then I will be all done. Okay, one tiny bite more.

I am never satisfied with that. And the tiny bites continue till the sundae is all gone.

But I am not greedy. I can really stop if I want to, only if I knew when to.

Assuming that life is a cake, I continue to take tiny bites everyday. More daringly than ever.

Asking for even more than ever. More happiness, more family and more love.

And when something goes out of balance?

I curse myself. More than ever.

Wish I would have studied more, loved my family more, earned more.

Jan 18, 2015

There was this time when I was upset about everything I couldn’t  do, irritated on everything that I didn’t do.

And then I stopped. I fed myself the truth that I am not going to get everything even if I do all the thing. I absorbed the term ‘satisfaction’, satisfaction of what I have and satisfaction of what I achieved. But at the same time, I also believed in my capabilities to achieve greater heights.

Now I know I could have done more with myself, but I also know that I am going to start it today and not regret about yesterday.

I am a dreamer, I dream of high expectations and achieve higher goals and thats how I coat it with sugar!